Hi, I'm Daniel Godziszewski
    [say] goh-jee-shev-skee

    I'm fascinated by anything and everything architecture theory related, from the banal to the bizarre. I'm currently engulfed in Japan's Metabolist movement during the 60's- more specifically its conception as well as why did it fail [or did it? hmm], and its influence on participatory design five decades later.

    I believe that any problem, no matter how thick, becomes an opportunity when we ask the right questions. Participation, honesty, and creativity are key variables necessary to this investigation. With that said, I don't believe in singularities. Although, it's unquestionable that a result can be reached, it will most likely lack the depth, vibrancy, and most importantly- fun, which comes by engaging in a collaborative effort.

    When I'm not thinking about this Neo-Post- Modernist cloud we live in [that's not true- I actually never stop thinking about it], I spend my time traveling with my wife, hoarding books… according to her [there is no such thing as hoarding books!], watching TED Talks, drinking immeasurable amounts of coffee, and taking pictures of my dog. I'm all about open sourcing and meaningful conversations! If you have questions on demystifying any of my projects, want to collaborate, or just want to talk about coffee feel free to say "hello!"